App Deployment in IoT Store

Assuming that the application JAR file is created successfully as mentioned in the Basic App Development Tutorial section, this page will describe the steps involved in deploying the same in the app store either for publishing for everyone to use or just limit it to private usage.

App Deployment in IoT Store

Login to the SkyCase site and switch to Developer Dashboard mode if not already in it. Select the Application option in the left menu.

Application Option for Developers

This will display the Application view. Now press the New Application button in the top right area and a Dialog box will be displayed prompting the user to enter the name of the application to be as presented in the App Store.

Entering Application Name

In this case, we will enter DigitalXOR as the name. Up on pressing the Proceed button, the application will be created internally. Now it will automatically enters in to the edit mode and following screen will be displayed prompting the user to fill in various other information like brief and detailed descriptions, type for the application, email address of the author to contact for the any more details, website of the author/contributor company etc. An image can also be uploaded to be displayed in the app store for that application.
Finally save the changes made using the drop down option in the top right.

Entering Application Name

Applications are to be deployed as version by the developer to enable incremental changes as well as differentiating features. Every change done and the corresponding application JAR file must be released under a version. Go to the Version tab and press the New Version button in the top right.
This will display a pop up asking for the version and a brief list of changes and description. In this example, it is entered as version 1.0 and as First release.

Creating New App Version

By default, any new version will be created in a draft state. To upload the jar file, click the drop down button ('Draft') and select the Upload option. A file browser dialog will be shown which can be used to navigate to the corresponding jar file.

Uploading JAR for App Version

Once uploaded, the version is ready to be promoted to beta, which can be done using the same Dropdown option as shown below.

Promoting App Version To Beta

Similarly a Beta version can be promoted to Stable version in a similar procedure by clicking the Drop Down button and selecting Promote to Stable option.

Publishing Apps in IoT Store

Now that the application is ready to be used, it is now available to the developer for installation under his User Dashboard interface. The developer can also choose to publish the app for others to use by using the Publish Application available in the top right.

Publishing Apps in Store

Upon publishing, the application view will show it in Published State and it will be automatically available in the app store for every one to use with their applications and devices. The developer view will typically look like

Publishing Apps in Store

Feel free to contact us in case of need for any help in developing and deploying SkyCase applications.