SkyCase Low Cost IoT platform - Pricing Plans

SkyCase services and applications are provided at a very low price points to bring technology to everyone. Our pricing scheme is given below. Contact us for customized plans for OEMs and personal use as well.



No Credit Card Required
  • Personal use
  • Up to 2 projects
  • Up to 5 devices for monitoring
  • Control Up to 2 devices
  • Up to 10000 transfers/day
  • Bandwidth at 1024KB/day
  • Memory Storage limited to 20MB
  • Best effort mail support


$1 / device

Per month for controlling
  • Personal/Commercial use
  • Up to 2x projects
  • Up to 5x devices for monitoring
  • Full control of the device
  • Up to 20000 transfers/day
  • Bandwidth at 4096KB/day
  • Memory Storage limited to 40MB
  • Mail and Phone support


Custom Plan

Ideal for OEM's
  • Commercial use
  • Unlimited projects
  • Unlimited devices for monitoring
  • Control any number of devices
  • Very Large number of transfers/day
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • No limits on Memory Storage
  • Dedicated support on 24x7 basis