SkyCase platform for internet of things - Working

In this page, we will explain how SkyCase works in the developer perspective as well as the users. While it is possible to explain a complex scenario, we will take a simple case involving home automation which is a logical choice for demonstrating the best platform for internet of things - SkyCase.

Internet of Things solution for home

Assuming a case where the user, being winter, wants to prepare his home for a particular temperature before he reaches home from his office. IoT Operation
He might have purchased a heater that is already compatible with SkyCase or he may use a low cost home automation IoT gateway to connect the legacy heater to SkyCase. During the initial setup, after registering his cloud account from us, he can add and register the device. Now he can browse a set of applications capable of controlling a heater from the SkyCase app store that is suitable for his use.

Some applications may be very simple requiring the user to start the heater from his smart phone as an Android/iPhone mobile app or his computer over a browser interface.

Or a developer might have been kind enough to design an application intelligent enough to automatically
  • Track his location based on GPS position of his car/phone
  • Infer end of his office timing based on past analytics
  • Remember the heater performance using historic data
  • Read the current temperature of the Smart heater
  • Start the heater at an optimal time
Up on installing the application in his cloud account, he can now enjoy the convenience of the connected intelligence in his home.

IoT Applications model

The advantage of the SkyCase when compared to other solutions is that it is very flexible and it offers the users an unique IoT Applications model whereby a large number of options are available for controlling a single connected device. All the processing and analytics need not be done by a single company but rather by a number of developers who can accelerate the adoption of connected intelligence.

In a way, SkyCase, with its IoT Applications model, opens up the contribution of millions of programmers and provide them with a platform the showcase their capabilities in understanding user behavior and enriching their way of life.

Thus SkyCase is poised as the best platform for internet of things much ahead of the available competing technologies.