SkyCase platform documentation

SkyCase platform is built for ease of use not only for end users but also for developer. Designed to be a versatile platform suitable for working across the industry vertical, multiple data collection interfaces are provided. Right from the simple REST based interfaces to the customized request/response formats are available for the users. The below section contains the platform documentation.

IoT application development

The applications can be developed easily with Java. There is only one class to be overridden and 7 methods to be implemented for the application to start working. Being based on Java, developments can be done using many available IDE's including the Eclipse tools. Supporting tools are provided for the developer to completely test the release before uploading it for public use.

Reading and Writing of data from IoT devices and storage of data in the cloud storage is abstracted from the user and is outside the scope of the developer to minimize their work. Full fledged security mechanisms are provided to protect the privacy of the users. Based on the deployment license, the developers may be able to obtain some data of the user for development and debugging purposes.

IoT device management

To manage a device connected to the SkyCase platform, registration process is first required. Only after a device is registered, further read and writes can be done over it. The registration, read, writes and un-registration methods are based on OMA LWM2M device management techniques.

The following pages provide detailed information about the available APIs and the Java classes used for acquiring data and developing applications and IoT device management.

More details and examples of using these API's and libraries are provided under the tutorials section.