Managing IoT/M2M devices

In this section, we will see how the App store helps us manage IoT devices in minutes. As explained in the section Registering IoT Devices with SkyCase, we will continue with our example of managing our test IoT device using the DeviceXOR from Embien Technologies which implements a simple XOR logic.

IoT App Installation

As the first step, make sure all the interfaces of the device are registered as shown below.

Application Option for Developers

Login in to the User dashboard and press the Install application button in the top area as shown below.

Install application in SkyCase

The app store will be listed and choose the application you want to install.

IoT Application Name

In this case select the app - DeviceXOR from Embien Technologies. Once prompted for input, give any description say - Demo for XOR to proceed.

Installing from Application Store

Configuring and Managing Devices

Now the application edit view will be display and go to the Port mapping. Map the digital inputs to the input port available and output to the control port.

Device Port mapping for IoT apps

Save changes and run the application using the drop-down button given in the top-right.

Running Apps

Now you can see from the device that when the input is changed, the output is automatically changed to XORed value of the inputs.

Application Execution Output

Any other configuration can also be done using the different tabs available in the application view.

Thus the devices can be managed within minutes of registering with the SkyCase platform with the applications available from the app store.