SkyCase - For M2M and IoT OEMs

SkyCase provides an easy way for device manufacturers to integrate IoT functionality for their devices. Manufactures of IoT Devices, M2M Equipments, sensors etc can have a partnership with SkyCase for taking advantage of each other's strengths.

OEMs manufacturing IoT Devices

Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM's) who are manufacturing connected devices can bundle their offering with SkyCase to enable power full application functionality for their devices. SkyCase provides unique OEM codes for each of the manufactures registered with us. The code comes with certain features not available with general users and can provide full control of their devices.

SkyCase Team is open for strategic alliances with OEM's manufacturing IoT Devices/M2M equipments for a mutually beneficial partnership between the companies. Feel free to get in touch with us to know more about the OEM model.

Sensors for internet of things

Sensors are ultimately the most important component of an IoT device as this is the point of first interaction with the real world. SkyCase Team has rich experience in working with various sensors across industry verticals. Data from different sensors are needed to be handled in different way as per the specifications. Our Team can incorporate those algorithms in our IoT Stack to provide a larger proliferation of sensors about the developer community as well as device manufactures. Engage with our team for enabling your sensors for internet of things using the SkyCase platform.

We request M2M and IoT OEMs to contact us to enable quick adoption of IoT/M2M technologies for general and industrial use.