SkyCase - Powered by the best technologies

SkyCase is designed using the best technologies available for working with connected devices across the spectrum of processing power. SkyCase cloud platform consists of three primary modules - a secure Acquisition Interface, scalable Storage and intelligent Application module.

The internal architecture of SkyCase is depicted below
IoT Technology

OMA LWM2M protocol based Acquisition Interface

The most important aspect of connecting various IoT devices is to ensure a common model of representation and communication. While many M2M Protocols and IoT Solutions are being proposed by various IoT consortiums and IoT companies, the OMA LWM2M protocol - Lightweight M2M protocol from Open Mobile Alliance is a most promising and upcoming model. Backed up by a consortium of leading IoT/M2M companies including IPSO, LWM2M is a scalable protocol based on Object model.

SkyCase communicates uses the LWM2M Model to represent data. The object library is updated to reflect the latest from OMA and also many vendor specific implementations done to support a larger base of application scenarios.

To support variety of IoT/M2M gateways devices, the IoT Cloud platform must support multiple connectivity options. For the SkyCase platform, to start with, the data can be acquired over simple REST services. This REST API's are based on those defined by OMA LWM2M protocol.

Soon other methods of interfacing including sockets, CoAP etc will be provided to enable a wider range of device connectivity.

Also various levels of security mechanisms will be provided to support the end devices based on their complexity.

Scalable and Secure Storage

Being hosted on a powerful cloud platform, the acquired data can be stored as configured by the user. Internally LWM2M data model is used to store the data in a scalable and secure storage area using some of the latest technologically powerful database engines.

The collected data is stored in private area and are not even provided to the third party application developers. Secure data management policies are implemented to ensure user privacy. Unless the user provides specific permissions, it is available only for his access.

More resources can always be purchased using the online payment schemes there by providing users flexibility of scaling up or down their resources based on their usage.

Java Powered IoT Applications Module

The best part is that the acquired data can be acted up on by third party applications. The applications can be written in Java and are executed in a safe sandbox. The data stored in user private area are available for these apps for action. These Java Powered IoT Applications can be developed in standard Eclipse IDE and deployed easily using the Developer Interface.

The Java powered IoT application modules export the configuration information for the user to configure the application preferences. Also some of the internal status and variables can be exported for the user to view. Both the configuration and view information are exported using APIs allowing them to be accessed over any technology including mobile apps, web browser, as email etc.

Please check the How it works page to have a full overview of the SkyCase platform and applications.