Open Source IoT Stack and devices

SkyCase along with the open source client implementation is one of the best and low cost IoT enabling technologies available today.

Open source IoT stack

The SkyCase case cloud platform is being provided with full fledged open documentation. To accelerate the adoption of IoT and reduce time for developers of end IoT devices, client side libraries are being provided. The open source IoT Stack for clients is available in github repository and includes contribution from the user community.

The IoT stack is available for the below technologies

  • ANSI 'C' Code
  • PHP
  • JQuery Plugins
  • Java Clients
  • PCs

Internet of Things microcontrollers

The IoT library is ported and tested for popular platforms. Using these projects, users can create Internet of Things microcontrollers from already available connected platforms. Some of the platforms being supported for interfacing with SkyCase cloud are

  • Raspberry PI
  • Arduino
  • Freescale FRDM platforms
  • OMAP Beagleboards
  • mbed Platforms
  • Android
  • Linux Systems
Further implementations of all the LWM2M objects will be opened up to reduce effort of the developers and bring it under community support.