SkyCase Open API platform development center

This IoT development Center section aids developers to prepare themselves for writing applications for SkyCase platform and developing clients. This section is also useful for users talking advantage of the platform to understand the background concepts to know the system better.

Open API platform for IoT

SkyCase is a open API platform for IoT where by all the necessary libraries necessary for the application development are provided open source along with a detailed documentation, development tools etc. With rich examples including code, video etc, the tutorial section enables the developer to quick start the development activities.

This below section provides complete documentation to develop and deploy applications on the SkyCase platform. Initially the various concepts and terminologies are discussed followed by the documentation of API and Java implementation. Apart from this, few tutorials with steps and videos are provided demonstrating the whole process of application deployment and usage in the following pages.

IoT development boards

With no dependency on underlying hardware, SkyCase is also supported for various open hardware and software platforms that are documented in the Supported Devices page. Feel free to contact us to get more information about developing and deploying your own applications!