SkyCase internet of things solution - Benefits

The advanced internet of things solution - SkyCase platform offers some of the key benefits based on its design philosophy. Technologically it uses the best, offers scalability in terms of user usage and proven security, details of which are listed below.

Best cloud computing platform technologies

SkyCase uses three popular and proven technologies and in its implementation for creating the best cloud computing platform technologies including:


There is no need to give any introduction to the hugely adopted programming language - Java. Java is chosen to leverage the availability of a very large number of developers. It is very simple as well as secure. Using Java gives a fine control over the underlying application and no leakage of information is possible. The processing power of the execution sandbox is fully customizable based on the user preferences and can be scaled for both retail and enterprise class of applications.


Light Weight Machine to Machine - LWM2M as its name implies is an open standard from Open Mobile Alliance - OMA IoT consortium. This is an upcoming standard with adoptions by industry leaders like ARM, Ericson, etc.

LWM2M organizes the control and status parameters of the IoT devices in an Object/Instance/Resource model. This grouping enables consolidation of various kinds of services an IoT device offers in a logical yet reusable manner. While the objects defined at this time are less, it is an advantage that it lets creating objects to accommodate the ever increasing demands of the industry.

Being a flexible and yet a simple standard, LWM2M is chosen for use both for communication and for internal storage for the SkyCase internet of things solution. Being a standard that is continuously improved, it is easy to define new objects and resources and incorporate existing/new devices in the design. Also on the other side of the connection, it is very easy to implement the protocol in resource constrained IoT devices deployed in the field.


The primary constraint in enabling intelligence in an IoT device is its connectivity. With many kinds of devices available in the market, it is essential the platform supports different kind of connectivity options. These devices may be a powerful smart phone platform that leverages high processing power of the device along with connectivity options like Wi-Fi, 3G etc, or it could be an Industrial system with Ethernet connectivity or a remote management system with broken 2G connectivity. Also legacy devices need to be supported using dedicated IoT gateways or smart phone as enablers. To enable connectivity to these devices, it is better to use a simple protocol as the underlying communication mechanism.

REST is one of the simplest protocols to implement in low end devices. Based on HTTP, they are standardized in a way to enable dynamic variations in the underlying data. SkyCase uses REST as its primary communication protocol with well defined API's for requests and response formats. They allow logical access of resources using the LWM2M model.

Secure IoT cloud platform

With every device that is being used by the user is expecting to get connected, it is important to protect the privacy of the user. SkyCase takes care of it in both the ends.


All the requests from the devices that send the data must have a predefined key for the server to accept. Also these requests can be sent over SSL to increase the security at the expense of the processing power of the end device. Other techniques are also being considered for offering higher security to low end devices.

Consumption and Storage

With foremost priority on safe-guarding the user interests, the data collected from the user is not even available to the developers of the applications they are running. It is securely saved in our servers and is not provided to any one unless specifically approved by the user.

Scalable platform for IoT

Being a cloud solution, the user can always buy more resources for his disposal. Whether he needs more storage to log data from his devices or processing power for running more applications, he can choose from flexible plans.


A shared solution always reduces the cost for individuals using it over dedicated system for each. Similarly SkyCase- internet of things solution, being a shared platform is offered at very attractive pricing for everyone to adopt IoT technology in their day to day life.