SkyCase - an Innovative IoT Application Platform integrates three of the best in class technologies - Java, LWM2M and REST together to provide a reliable and scalable solution for IoT and M2M.

SkyCase is designed for everyone. Users can use applications from store for their IoT devices to improve their lifestyle. Developers can create and publish applications to act on the device. OEM's can design devices or offer gateways to support the cloud interface. Even existing devices can be used using the available translation layers. Some of the salient features include

Application Store

Applications let you manage your devices - as simple as switching on lights for you or controlling your factory output. Soon, there will be a huge collection of applications available across verticals including Medical, Consumer, Industrial automation etc. The IoT revolution has begun!

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Low Cost Cloud Service

Users can purchase resources and applications (if not free) based on their needs with easy payment options. Wide range of pricing options is available tailored for personal as well as enterprise use. And of course it can be scaled up/down any time need! Even an introductory free offer is available!

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Open API and Docs

Applications can be easily created using Java. The base classes, documentation along with the reference implementations are available for developers to jump start the development. Multiple data collection interface is available to support a range of communication technologies including REST, Sockets, CoAP etc.

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